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The communication
platform for missionaries

Missionaries post Instagram-style updates to Epistle as things happen in their life and ministry. Epistle groups these updates together and sends them to ministry partners automatically 😮. Relationships with ministry partners deepen as partners respond with "likes", prayers, and comments. Missionaries and ministry partners love Epistle. Love

It is not just my supporters who love it; I got so much encouragement from the engagement I received from supporters.

Missionaries around the world use Epistle

Missionaries around the world use Epistle

Last month Epistle sent more than 150,000 update emails to ministry partners for missionaries around the world.

Epistle serves missionaries in these organizations and many others:

Cru YWAM Pioneers Intervarsity Intervarsity

Epistle is used by missionaries in these organizations but is not officially affiliated or endorsed by all of these organizations.

Missionaries love Epistle

Epistle is helping missionaries around the world communicate more effectively with their ministry partners. Read about how they have been impacted.

Supporters say we do it best

I sincerely think Epistle is the very best investment you can make in regard to sustaining your ministry. Multiple of our financial ministry partners, who have supported people for years, have come to us and said that hands-down we do the best job at updating them about our ministry...and it's all …


My ministry partners have responded in droves!

At first I was skeptical of jumping on to Epistle... but not for obvious reasons. Let me explain, I still use (much to my friends' delight) a small flip phone courtesy of the early 2000's. I wasn't sure if I'd really be able to use Epistle well, but after hearing from others how much their partners …


Revolutionized our interactions with our prayer partners.

Epistle has been a huge game-changer for our ministry partner updates! It’s the perfect combination of a blog + social media, creating a space for short (or long!) highlights of what God is doing in and through our lives and ministry in real time. It has totally taken the pressure off to create long …


How Epistle Works

Missionary Updates

You post individual updates to your Epistle site as things happen in your life and ministry.

Ministry Partners

Epistle automatically sends these updates to ministry partners on a schedule personalized for each of them.

Missionary partner engagement

Your relationships with your ministry partners grow as they interact with you through your Epistle site by liking, praying and commenting.

Connect with ministry partners

Epistle tells you how your ministry partners are connecting so you can be encouraged.

Epistle is private and secure

Epistle is secure

Security Features

  • Epistle gives you the ability to post updates that only ministry partners can see.
  • Epistle has optional, special security features for missionaries serving in places like the 10/40 window.
  • Epistle is a secure alternative to using services like Mailchimp.

Technical Security Details

  • We never store passwords in plain text. We salt and hash all passwords using the secure bcrypt hashing algorithm.
  • All connections to Epistle are encrypted using TLS - like online banking.
  • Qualsys' SSL Labs scored Epistle's SSL implementation as "A+" on their SSL Server test.

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Missionaries love Epistle because it's fun to use, it's secure, and it makes it easier to connect with ministry partners.

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Cru YWAM Pioneers Intervarsity Intervarsity

Epistle is used by missionaries in these organizations but is not officially affiliated or endorsed by all of these organizations.